November 06 2019

Freight forwarding has an important role in export activities not only as an architect in the transportation of goods, but can be expanded by several roles of freight forwarding in an effort to increase exports, for that we must know some of the activities of freight forwarding, including:

• Freight forwarding is responsible for loss or damage to goods that occur during or throughout the time the goods are delivered.

• Freight forwarding must assume responsibility for loss or damage.

• The obligation to settle or damage lies with one party, namely the freight forwarder.

Besides the several roles above the freight forwarder also acts as:

• Help promote export commodities (Indonesia) abroad.

• Assist the government in efforts to simplify procedures and documents for shipping goods, bearing in mind that all developed countries that are export destinations use international trade facilities.

• Assisting the government in developing the national commercial fleet with knowledge from the freight forwarding activities above, we can see that the activities carried out can encourage and support the competitiveness of exporters.

Intitrans manages and manages shipments so that its customers have control over the entire shipping process to ensure shipments arrive safely and on time. To provide a variety of services, they must develop a network of operators, insurance, custom agents, and advisors that can be relied upon to have the ability to handle all expected and unexpected problems that can arise during the transportation process.

What services are provided by intitrans Freight Forwarders?

In the case of shipping, the following is a brief list of services provided by the shipping company:

• Freight forwarders prepare all documents, make orders, and arrange payments needed for each shipping sector for which they are responsible.

• They act on your behalf with many other parties involved in shipping, air cargo transportation, other freight companies involved in shipping, and trucking companies.

• Most senders provide customs brokerage services, i.e. they are clearing agents and shippers and can act on your behalf with customs agents.

• If something goes wrong or is at risk, the shipping company comes in and solves the problem.

Why use a shipping service?

Because, using the services of intitrans is certainly reliable, we guarantee your shipment to a destination other than that it makes it easier for you. You don’t need to bother sending it directly.

Here are some advantages to consider:

• Freight forwarders have a good connection with international freight forwarders, and can get good offers for the cost of moving products internationally

• Using a freight forwarding service means you don’t have to worry about learning about the customs process, and the legality of exporting and importing goods

• Freight forwarders offer combined payloads – this means you can buy less space in shipping instead of having to fill shipping containers yourself. For small businesses and new importers, this is very helpful

• If you use a freight forwarding service, you only have one point of contact for all the different stages of importing your product – this makes life easier, and saves you considerable time compared to managing your own subcontractor.

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