November 06 2019

Sea transportation is one of the safest, most cost-effective and reliable choices of transportation for national and international trade. Intitrans Cargo offers a comprehensive range of services to meet even the simplest or most diverse needs. Intitrans Kargo’s sea transportation is supported by an extensive network that provides door-to-door delivery services whose arrangements are supported by communication and information systems that keep pace with technological developments. Do you want a large amount of shipping or have certain requirements for your shipment on one route, in response Intitrans Cargo has the best solution. We work with selected shipping companies that provide maximum benefits that allow us to be able to provide competitive prices. By combining expertise and skills in strategic planning, scheduling, routes and space utilization, we can provide the most

effective transportation solutions:

• Ability to arrange shipments in general

• Strong purchasing power with cost effective rates through shipping lane partnerships

• Good performance to monitor optimal and quality services

• Customs who are experts in streamlining and accelerating the movement of goods

One of the advantages of intitrans sea cargo services is in terms of cargo capacity where the cargo ships used can load large quantities of goods. This advantage is certainly a plus at the same time can be used by customers to distribute goods in large quantities for one delivery. Obviously this is more practical and efficient. In terms of price, sea cargo is certainly cheaper than air cargo services, although in terms of time air cargo services are much faster.

Both sea cargo services and intitrans ship cargo services each have their own advantages, in other words the choice depends on the amount or volume of goods shipped. Broadly speaking, for shipping goods in large quantities via the sea that is fast, easy, and safe, intitrans sea cargo services are more reliable.

Designed to meet your needs for economic but reliable cargo shipments, including to handle the weight and size of inter-island shipping cargoes that can only be shipped using sea transportation Sea transportation is an important part of the world economy so global relations need global standards. All types of equipment, such as clothes hangers, oversized cargo and special equipment, are handled regularly, and transportation is specifically made for the needs of our customers. Through our offices and proactive staff we serve the main ports of Indonesia from Java and shipments from every origin and destination in Indonesia.

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