November 01 2019

If you often ship goods, especially from abroad, surely you are already familiar with the term freight forwarding. Finding this service is now quite easy, especially with online services so it’s quite easy to get the service. But to get a trusted service, then you must really look for the best. Because not all freight forwarding services can provide satisfying services.

For that reason, we are here to meet the freight forwarding services for those of you who need this service with the best service. We provide solutions for you to take care of the transportation needs of shipping goods needed by your company.

Using Jakarta freight forwarding services from us will help take care of all activities needed for the implementation of fast and safe delivery. Good shipping via land transportation, railways, sea and air. This service covers the activities of sending, receiving, loading and unloading, storing, sorting, packing, marking. Until the measurement, weighing, handling of document settlement, issuance of transportation documents, booking of the transport room, management of distribution. Also for the calculation of transportation costs, insurance claims or delivery of goods and so on.

By using a freight forwarding service, we can take care of the delivery of your goods indirectly by our team. So that the activities of importing goods or shipping goods from abroad can be easier and the shipping activities will become smoother.

What are the Benefits of Using Forwarding Services with Intitrans :

1. More Efficient

2. Fast to Destination

3. Sending 4. Goods with the Amount Needed

With the benefits of using these freight forwarding services, your shipping business will be easier. Because we will try to give the best to you whenever you need it.

So do not delay anymore to use our services, just trust us to deal with your goods. Because we will provide the best of the entire range of freight forwarding that you need. Contact us for further consultation.

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