November 01 2019

Freight forwarders are agents who act on behalf of importers, exporters or companies or others to approve safe, efficient and economical transportation. Freight forwarders agree on the best way to transport by considering the type of goods and shipping requirements. Namely using shipping services, moving transportation, highways and rail transport operators. In some cases, goods sender companies provide this service. The shape of the company varies according to the size and type of national operation. Companies are usually more specialized in certain types of goods or operated in certain geographical areas.

Freight Forwarding Service is a company engaged in the transportation of goods as a whole, shipping, customs services, delivery of goods to the door. Transportation Management Services Business (freight forwarding) is an activity related to the delivery and receipt of goods via transportation, sea or air. Its activities include receiving, storing, sorting, packaging, measuring, weighing, approving documents, issuing transportation documents, calculating transportation costs, claiming insurance for shipping goods and settling bills and other costs associated with shipping these items until they are received by who owns the right to receive it. Intitrans Logistics anticipates and responds to the needs of its customers who have relationships and partnerships with trusted shipping partners and shipping agents worldwide for international goods shipments.

All countries and locations are fulfilled through an integrated one-stop booking system and service starting from the formulation of shipping schedules, room bookings, loading and unloading, customs and all necessary export and import handling documents. In international goods shipments, all types of shipments are carried out according to customer requirements such as port to port, port to door and door to door delivery.

For domestic goods shipments, Intitrans Logistics guarantees timely delivery of all types of goods using land, rail and sea transportation modes for cost-effective forwarding solutions. Import management can also be provided to assist clients in the inspection and deconsolidation procedures of goods needed before being distributed locally. The company is supported by its own fleet of special vehicles for land transportation and utilizes the services of old and reliable partners for safe and timely delivery to destinations in Indonesia.

Advantages offered by the international forwarding Intitrans :

• Recommendation and advice on costs to obtain the most profitable and effective alternative (charter costs, port and customs costs, consular rights, special documentation costs, insurance policies, etc.).

• Preparation and presentation of the documentation required to export goods and for the different participating agents.

• Advice on freight transport, packaging and stowage. This includes using freight groupage to obtain lower costs in the event of partial container loads.

• Reservation of the necessary freight space on a means of transportation, as well as taking care of the cargo storage and/or distribution.

• Completion of formalities with customs agents in foreign countries in order to comply with all regulations.

• Simplified process and formalities. The forwarding agent is responsible for solving any problems arising with an international shipment.

Bilogistik offers the services of a forwarding agent to give your international shipments the highest degree of efficiency, safety and profitability. The figure of the forwarding agent can be key in all types of transport.

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